It’s hard to find good people and make acquaintance with them for longer period of time. Many of the people around us are not our well-wishers.

Here are some signs of toxic people:

  • They turn sweet and mean
  • They don’t respect your decisions, instead they manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do
  • They disappear when you’re in trouble
  • They give you poor treatment as if they don’t really care
  • They constantly make you apologise to them for things that you didn’t do wrong to them
  • They feel threatened by your friendship with others
  • They discourage you for your plans for the future
  • They laugh at you for having a goal
  • They trivialize your successes as if it seems least important to them
  • They only approach you sweet when they need something

Value yourself and get rid of any kind of toxic people around you.



2 thoughts on “SIGNS OF TOXIC PEOPLE

  1. brilliantviewpoint says:

    Absolutely TRUE! If the Wright brothers had listened to people around them, no airplanes. If Steve Jobs/Bill Gates had listened to people around them, no computers. If Thomas Edison had listened to people, no light bulb. If Leonardo DaVinci had listened to people, no beautiful paintings/sculptures. How about Mozart/Strauss, such beautiful music. Best to distance ourselves from negative people, which allows happy positive people to come in our lives. Positively in life fuels success.

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