Ramadan Day 13 – You Are Notable And Honourable

“When you wake up in the morning, do not expect to live until evening.”

Sincere Muslim men and women, who constantly turns to Allah, the Exalted, be like the palm tree and rise above evil and harm; if a stone is thrown at the palm tree, it lets its fruit drop (and does not retaliate). It remains green summer and winter, and gives many benefits.

Do not lower yourself to the level of trivial matters, and rise above all that may damage your modesty and honour. Your words should be dhikr, your glance should teach you something, your silence should be contemplation.

Then you will find happiness and peace of mind; you will be well accepted and people will shower praise on you and make dua for you, and Allah will take away the clouds of rancour, the specters of fear and the clutter of depression.

Go to sleep secure with the knowledge that the believers are praying for you, and wake up to their praise of you. Then you will realize that happiness does not mean having a lot of money in the bank, rather, it is to be found in obeying Allah; it is not to be found in wearing new clothes or serving people, rather, it is to be found in obeying Allah.

“Do not give up on yourself, because change is usually slow; you will encounter obstacles that will discourage you, but do not let these obstacles defeat you.”


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