The Awe in Zebra Crossing


It’s very interesting to wait at the zebra crossing for the sign to be changed to green and allow you to cross the road. The interesting thing is that when you are standing over there and watching the traffic moving in front of you, it feels like you have the power to allow them to move in front of you and when the sign turns into red for the traffic and green for the people waiting to cross the road also tells that you have the power to stop the traffic in order you to walk through the road without any disturbance. You feel like a king at that very moment which is awesome.

It’s all about real life and real life is always in 3-D. It’s always in high-definition. Outside is where the fascinating people and happenings are. It’s where you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Go outside and sense the awe and zebra crossings are one of the well-constructed options to sense the awe.

When you see you evaluate. When you read you ponder. This is human nature that we interpret information as we absorb it.


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