We are Unique – A Philosophical Piece

How and why was the body made, the way it was? Who thought of it and why? How did it respond to all the varied and almost abnormal behavior of its being? We have no answers. We have no explanation. We have no analysis, which is why we are unique!

And look how we destroy ourselves in the run for explanation, the run for life and the run for possession. Possession of not materialism, but of method. Possession not of space and domination, but of insinuation. Every one of us has countless encounters during our whole life where others try to take control over us, try to take possession of their will by imposing their terms on us.

We built ourselves. Yet we destroy each other ourselves too. Greed, dominance, ego, ritual, religion, arrogance, etc. made us all into a category that has come closer together than have the great benefit of rule. Rule that ruled over several continents. That inculcated in us the sense of the ruler over the proletariat, the herd of waged and working class, and the elite over the oppressed.

What were they that made us thinking, when they manufactured us? How did the differences creep in? Who and how were they thought out? It is a most intriguing thought!


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