The Grace of Pen and Paper

In today’s times, the joy of writing has been completely transformed from pen and paper to square box typing devices. Sometimes, I wonder that the sound of scraping paper with a fountain pen or with a lead pencil was so ingrained in the school days. Today, my notebook and pen look at me every day and night beg me to put them up and enjoy the old-fashioned expression of writing.

That was the time when we humans had great relationship with the pen and paper and due to this relationship we used to feel our inner voice, a voice that comes from the heart to the mind and then on to the paper. Now with the keyboards to write, I don’t feel that strong connection. With the inked pens with nibs of various shapes and sizes, and those ink pots which we used to keep straight all the time to avoid the spill of ink on the paper and other stuff in bags. Some of us used to hold the ink pot in our hand all the time with immense care.

This inked pen and parallel lined white paper notebooks are still being used in many of the schools across the world but not as much as they used to be. The trend is changing. Digital tablets are taking place to write all of the notes in variety of fancy and simple ways. The current and next generation will merely have that real feel of the scratching paper with the half-cut nib pens, and so they might feel heartless about what they will write with their fingers.


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