Perfection is a dead end

If at base what we most want is to be loved, then why don’t we all just love each other? Are killing our enemies and accumulating wealth not poor substitutes for the kind of happiness we could have if we did that?

Depression is the result of holding back your thoughts and don’t go forward with what you are thinking of. We hold back our thoughts and ideas and give doubts more space to reside in, which eventually results in high amount of depression causing some people to reach an extent that they give up everything and start harming their self by themselves or they choose death over all of it.

We should extend our vision to look at life in a way that nothing is in its perfect condition. We see so many things and idealize them thinking that we have to achieve that same perfection which we saw in others. In reality, it’s only in our mind, it’s a thought, and thoughts are always perfect until someone starts taking action upon them.

We remain in the same mindset of idealism until we react, and reacting on our thoughts itself is a task because we never were aware of what will happen. Fearing the failure, many of us could not get hold of enough courage to step ahead. This fear of failure causes depression and it accumulates heavy amount of discomfort and anxiety.

We are not aware how to tolerate the failures and how to understand that those failures are only to lift us up in one way or the other. The world has a system of developing of everything. If we see any living being which has life, it grows all the time and its growth does not stop any moment. On the other hand, if we see any non-living being such as a beautifully crafted glass which is in its constant condition, it has no life. The difference between these two is that all the living beings are imperfect and all the non-living beings are perfect. If that is the case, then what are we afraid of? What is the definition of failure? What perfection do we see in others and idealize them and destroy our self?

Better to be yourself in whatever imperfect way and trusting your guts is a much superior choice.


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