Six feet down under

A highly passionate and ambitious farmer was once looking for land. Although he had got small plots of land already but now his ambitions urge him to get bigger one. He came to know from his friends that the king has owned the biggest land reserves and he is offering his lands to the people these days.

The farmer got excited and he went to see the king. He traveled to the king’s land and started negotiating for the piece of land. He wanted to have a bigger land but he did not have enough money to buy that. In that case, the king offered him that he could have all the land he wanted which he will walk on. The only condition is that he would have to come back to the starting point before the sunset.

The farmer did not think much on king’s offer. The only thing he thought about that he would have a huge piece of land just after a full day walk. He felt good to go to walk throughout the desert. He started walking with his full enthusiasm and energies. It was a hot day and by the time the sun reached at its peak, he turned back to see how far he had come so far. He walked too far that he was unable to see the people he left at the starting point.

He was thirsty and his heart had started pounding heavily. He thought to walk back to the starting point so that he would have reached before the sunset. While he was coming back, his energy levels went down. His throat got dry and his legs started weakening but he continued walking.

He wanted to rest but it was out of question. He struggled on, walking faster, then running as well. He worried that he had been too greedy for a bigger land and what if he could not finish the mark. He was terrified but he ran. His heart was beating like a hammer.

He finally reached the starting point by the time of sundown. Everybody was cheering him to make it. When he stopped in front of the king, he lost all of his energy and he fell down. The king was amazed by this farmer’s effort and said, “that’s a lot of land you’ve earned yourself!” And he stepped ahead to shake hands with the farmer but before that very moment the farmer has lost his last breath. A guy standing close by, tried to lift him up but he was dead.

Finally, the king ordered to dig a grave for him on the same land and then they buried him down under six feet from head to toe. That’s the only piece of land he owned.


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