Me too

Loneliness is sometime good for you for you need to be alone to regain your mental energies. Rather we should call it being alone instead of loneliness. Being alone is good and loneliness is terrible.

Most of the times, it is killing to be alone. You experience so much in life and you need to share all of it which you experience and if you are unable to share your experience or if there is nobody to listen to you, then you are in trouble. And if you have good ears to listen to you and the listener to your experiences say to you that he too had the same experience, it would be a comforting moment for you to know that you are not alone on the road, there are others as well as you, on the same path.

The same way, you should also listen to others about what they are experiencing and if it is something same as yours, you should say “me too”. These would be extremely comforting words for the one you say so. You will witness the pleasure and relief on the face of the person and you will realize that how important it is to get along with others.


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