Things to give up

  1. Give up your need to always be right. What will happen if you rather be kind instead of being foolishly trying to be right all the time?!
  2. Give up your need to control. Just let it go. Why do you always try to control everything that happens around you. Trust other people time to time and let it go.
  3. Give up on blaming others. When something went wrong whether by you or by anyone else, you always blame others. Why? Just to make yourself clean and clear about all what is happening wrong. Take the responsibility if you really want to control.
  4. Give up complaining. You always enjoy the smell of roses but when the thorn pinches you, you complain. You must realize the roses always come with thorns.
  5. Give up on your fears. You want to be right and want to control everything, and at the same time, you have given a huge space to fear inside you which always ask you to safeguard yourself by hook or crook. Don’t underestimate yourself as well as others. Trust others and walk along with others as if you are their friend.

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