This is why you like the bold and the beautiful


It starts when you came to life from your mother’s womb. You were nothing at that time and you considered to be the most eligible to fulfill all of your desires in which there were just a few desires like eating, drinking and sleeping. That’s it. These desires are basically the fundamental needs of every human being so you were heavily taken care of.

Time goes by and you start growing by means of physic and by means of your habits. Your habits depend on various reasons behind how your parents brought you up in your life. Most of the time, you learn to obey, you must be obedient to your parents first of all, then to others who really are important in your life, which was also being taught to you unwanted. Time comes very soon when you realize that you have been living a limited life and you are just stuck in a cave surrounded by every form of murkiness. You are bound to do this and bound to do that. Nothing of your own choice or a very little of your choice if you really are lucky. Your longings tie you up in tight knots.

It is all far from freedom.

You start yearning to break the ties or at least loosen the knots. The only place you find peaceful is far away from your everyday surrounding where you feel yourself as you. But it is not simple to come out of the bars so easily. You have to fight for that and nobody can say for how long you’d have to fight for your freedom.

But you’d have to.

The moment you stand against all that stuff which set you up in boundaries and you show off yourself as a free man, you start listening to yourself, you start becoming you, you start realizing the beauty of being you. You do things that you like, you break the reasoning of time, you loosen your shoe lace as well your voice all the time. In fact, you create a brand new you and you present freedom to the world in shape of you. The world starts watching you and the world admires those who are free, who make their way to live by their own and the world call them “the bold and the beautiful”.


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