You are overjoyed

image-17-05-15-02-51If you get what you want, you are overjoyed. If you are overjoyed, you follow your desires. If you follow your desires, you become desire driven. You do not struggle for anything. The only thing you know is the pleasure of fulfilling your desires.

You long for several different things like land, house, servants, gold, women, and so on. You get what you long for, you enjoy the ownership unless the sequence of your belongings breaks the momentum of your pleasure. It takes a small hole in the bottom of the boat to get it sunk. When it happens, you get nervous or out of mind, because the pleasure of desires that you were habitual of, has now come to a breaking point, and you were never prepared of this. You get restless thinking about how you can maintain it but no use. You ask help from your friends but they turn their back on you. Eventually, the boat of desires sinks completely and you could not do anything to save it.

The reason why you could not save your boat of desires and pleasures is that you were overjoyed, you were overwhelmed by the fulfillment of your timely desires, and you lost your mind by its charm and fascination.

If you prepared yourself to get control over your desires and pleasures, you might be able to save your boat. If you have spent your time and money carefully, you might be able to manage your boat floating. If you have kept your desires and pleasures limited, you might be able to enjoy life without much losses.

It is always better to abandon your desires and pleasures, no matter how much you have achieved in your life. Whether you achieved everything by the struggles you made or by just like that, you have to be mindful of all times to maintain and carry on your life with what you have and to keep enjoying with what you have.


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