It is not important to walk on water

Many people think that being religious or living a religious life is like walking on water and nobody around them is living such spiritual life. They think that if they really want to live a straight and spiritual life, then they would have to leave their home and have to go to a place of complete silence where they would have least contact with other human being.

People gain powers in various ways and they exhibit their strengths and powers to other in order to obtain their interest and this is how they make space in other people’s life which actually is not important. The important thing is to be kind to other human beings because your single act of kindness with a single individual will multiply to many.

When we listen to someone talking about something good and if it touches our heart, we should convey that good message to as many as possible. But most of us think we should do this thing or we should say that way and so on. There are so many “shoulds” in our life which means there are more thoughts and less acts, which is not enough to feel the good within us and to see the good around us. In fact, we end up with feeling guilty by keeping so many shoulds.

We must know how to actually transform our mind in a way that there will be more and more kind acts rather than to be self-centered. We can do it by simply setting up our mind early in the morning. After waking up, the first and foremost important thing to say to you is that today I am going to do all the acts with which all the people around me feel good.

Does this require to be religious or spiritual? Do you need to walk on water to be good and kind-hearted? Ask yourself.


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