Nobody cares as much as you do


When you are a kid, your parents raise you to a level when it was time to go to school. Then you passed out and went to high school. Then college and then university. All this time, whatever learnt, that is only for you and nobody care what you do, what you and how you look. But then you think of setting further goals in your life and to achieve them as well. Setting goals and tasks being started in the very early age of your life.

At one time or the other, you meet with competition and that race forces you to prove yourself which is not bad at all. If you don’t get hurdles in your way, how would you know how hard it is to achieve something in life?! If you don’t feel pain in achieving any of your goals or targets, how would you value your dream after achieving it?!

In all your endeavors of life, do you ever think about what does it matter to others to see you achieving something or getting success in your life? How often do you think about that? Well, people who really think about what others feel about their success eventually being caught up with pointless issues in their life which destroy them.

Always remember that whatever you do, however you look and whatever you achieve, in your lifetime, you must have your family and friends close to you. Only they are the ones who would share your happiness because they do care about it. No need to take opinions of the world about you. It really doesn’t matter. Nobody cares as much as you do.

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