Listen to your Heart

If you want to find peace, you have to solve the problem within yourself. No can create problem for you and no one can solve your problems. It is you, only you, who create problem for you, and only you, who can solve it.

Whatever has anything to do with the world, has an affair of stress and suffering. As we all know that the biggest pleasure for us comes with a price and for that we have to earn money. People who have one dollar has stress of a kind and people who have uncountable money also has stress of its own kind.

It all depends on our choices. Your stress strongly depends on your choices. If you choose to gain something small, the stress level will be minor. If you choose to gain something big, the stress level might be major. Whatever you don’t pay much attention to, are the things which cause you less or no stress at all.

Your struggle in life to become someone or something causes stress and at one point in life, you realize that whatever you are doing is actually not the truth of life because you find happiness and peace for very short time and sometimes for no time.

The truth of life is to become closer to your creator. You get closer to your creator when you get interested in nature more than anything else. Nature shows you the path to get closer to your creator, to get long-lasting happiness and to be at peace.

The world has taken over by words by which many people get distracted and they lose the direction in their life which is actually correct for them and for the world. One must understand that only those things are true which are worth keeping in heart and words which are being thrown over and over again are not worthy to get your much attention. You should try to maintain having faith and listen to your heart more often.


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