10 Most Satisfying Feelings


This post is inspired by one of a fellow blogger, Lauren Green, who blogs at Lauren Says It All, whom I’ve been following for not very long, but I enjoy reading her posts. Must check out his blog.

Yes, this is correct that we all have our own unique satisfying feelings and here are mine:

  1. Waking up early morning with plenty of time to do all morning stuff prior to leave home for work.
  2. When I see my smartphone battery fully charged.
  3. Food coming to my table in a restaurant is always a good thing. Well, some people have similarities such as here this thing is similar to Lauren’s.
  4. Photographing the beautiful things around me.
  5. Writing has always been a big point of satisfaction for me. No matter how good or bad I write.
  6. Taking selfies. Well, this has been a newly adopted thing and I really like it like so many other people.
  7. Having a heavy and convincing conversation.
  8. Getting wet in the rain.
  9. Driving alongside the beaches with the open windows.
  10. Exercise, as I feel the blood flowing fast in my body.

There are more points by which I get the satisfying and fulfilling feeling. I might say some other time.

What are yours?


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