Expose Yourself

We like things to be smooth, clean and clear. We always want a life as easy as possible. It is the mission of our life to bring ease into every moment we spend alone or with someone. For that reason, we have gone through the deepest researches just to find out what actually we want to get easy and we are still moving on the same path. Every now and then we happen to learn about some new technology to inform us about various conditions we live in as well as to let us manufacture something with the help of machines easily. In fact, we are crowded with machines and it is all for us to feel safe in the comfort zone.

When we start enjoying life being in the comfort zone, though it is for our good but at the same time, we forget to physically expose to our own self and we only learn to be safe all the times. All the flavor of challenging life and adventure goes deep down the line and we do not realize what kind of life we live in.

One day, some of us realize that they are living a great life with all the possible necessities in it with which they can just go on and on but there is no struggle in that life at all. There is no embarrassment in that life at all. There are no strange events in that life at all. There are no risks in that life at all. There is nothing wild in that life at all. There is nothing in that life that make them cringe. All in all, they feel that they are not actually enjoying the real spice of life, and to enjoy the real spice in their life, they will have to come out of their shells and shall have to get exposed to various uncertain happenings of the world.

What if you and I, from the very first day of our worldly education, try to stay out of the comfort zone and enjoy the ups and downs of life! After all, there is nothing straight in this life that is enjoyable.

– Moazzam Shaikh


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