Guest Post: How did I Manage to Overcome Depression and Loneliness?


Depression and loneliness are indeed common symptoms in modern living and need to be given only the concern that is due and possible, although it would not be wise to totally ignore short terms symptoms of these conditions (not ailments).

Experiences with Depression and Loneliness

My experiences with depression and loneliness has indeed been long drawn and discursive, but I need to record, not without a sense of pride, that I have been able to overcome these negative feeling of depression and loneliness and take the road to full recovery and gaining the most of peak mental and optimum physical health. The strategy which I adopted to gain control over my life and happiness by capturing senses of depression and loneliness is as follows:

1. I first just sat down in my chair and tried to find out the reasons and origins of my sense of depression and loneliness. Perhaps it was due to under work and nursing a sense of dejection and despair arising out of feeling of worthlessness. Or maybe it was due to the preponderance of negative feelings and vibes which was in possession of my psyche.

2. Once I gained insight over the causes of my depressive and lonely feelings, I decided I must do something about it. I decided and penned that I would never again allow my negative emotions and feelings to cloud my thinking and decided to go full steam ahead, no matter what.

3. I felt that my own determination and urge to become normal and feeling great again was not enough since I also needed professional help to tide over my symptoms. I put myself in the care of a cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT) who examined me thoroughly and then advised some CBT sessions with me in order to dispel certain thought processes and behavior patterns that underlined the symptoms of these conditions of loneliness and despair.

4. I also launched on improving my weight, eating a nutritious, yet sensible diet, keeping counseling appointment with CBT and also taking regular and strenuous exercises include cardio vascular workouts, weights and long distance running. The main idea was to induce endorphins, essentially brain chemicals needed for active mental health and well being. I also totally avoided high fat foods, alcohol, red meat and tobacco products.

5. Coming to diet, it is important that the diet be full of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts/salad dressings with least amount of saturated and monosaturated fats. It needed to be high on Omega 3 items, which counteract on depression, melancholy and despair.

6. Sleep is also a major determinant in treating depression and melancholy and I got myself to sleep at least 8 hours every day.

7. Within a span of just 4 weeks I was normal again and was back into my normal activities and duties. The effects of depression and loneliness was gone and I was back to my old self.

8. I did have follow up sessions with CBT and he confirmed that I was indeed well and mentally 100% fit again.

9. I have conclude that mental illnesses are very often our own undoing, our faulty living habits and taking upon ourselves more stress than we could bear. Depression and melancholy are indeed issues like hypertension or muscular pains that could be treated and cure with right mental attitudes , disciplined life style, medication and proper rest.


I owe a great deal to my CBT for giving the right kind of advice on time and my own discipline, sense of purpose and my innate abilities to conquer my own fears and trepidations. It is important that human minds have control over themselves in order to avoid and tackle all kinds of mental ailments that may arise due to worldly issues and challenges. We should try to change what can be changes and also accept gracefully what cannot be changed. This is the true mental elixir of life and our livings.

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