The Hard Work of Bitterness

Bitterness. It’s like a disease that eats away at us. The more bitter we feel, the more damage it does (to us).

Unfortunately, during our lifetime things will happen to us that will cause us to feel angry, hurt and bitter. When these things happen, we have a choice to make:

#1 – We can invest our time and energy in feeling bitter, which does nothing but hurt us.

#2 – Or, we can choose to invest our time and energy in moving on, which does everything to help us.

It truly is hard work being bitter. But all that hard work is for nothing. When we dwell on bitterness, the only person we hurt is ourselves. The person who offended us is not affected at all by our bitterness and hurt feelings. (What a waste of negative feelings!)

Let’s choose today to let go of any bitterness we’re holding onto. It’ll instantly lighten our load and allow us to move on to more productive pursuits (that benefit us).



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