Keep knowledge as your close friend


It is something inside of you. It is not something that can be put into paper or into the internet. Written words on the paper or on the internet are information floating around. Knowledge is imagination, if gives you wings to fly to heaven. It vasts your vision. It lightens your life.

But you must keep in touch with all those things which gives you your clarity of mind. Clarity of mind is very important and you can be easily distracted if you do not keep close contact with what really matters. You have to decide, what really matters for you.

Once, there was a banker who had been serving for many years. Every day, every month, every year, he served people in a same pattern. After maturing his senses, his experience had taught him that that was the only way he could keep his clients’ provisions and the bank’s policies for his department clearly in his mind. So he continued his life on that pattern and he felt very satisfying within himself.

I urge everyone who read this article that whatever you are doing in your life, in whatever way you are connected with your clients, peers and family, keep a close contact with them. This is the only way you’d be able to keep your vision clear and you’d definitely do well in life.


One thought on “Keep knowledge as your close friend

  1. Sharon Rawlette says:

    I agree that, as you say, knowledge is not something that can be put down on paper or onto a website. It’s a living thing inside of a mind, and can’t be objectified or transferred so easily as that. I love your statement that “[k]nowledge is imagination.” That’s an idea that will keep my mind turning for a while….

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