Consciousness comes back home when…


Our mind is a servant. It serves in various ways and it keeps doing it most of the time. This servant likes to occupy the house in the master’s absence. It never likes his master to come back home, it likes him to be absent forever.

To keep the master away, it develops such tactics that the master could not return ever. By making the tactics, it appears itself to be the boss and tells everyone that he owns everything and he is the boss.

Due to these acts and tactics, the mind never let the consciousness steps in. It is so full of stuff that it does not have space left for consciousness, which is the real owner of the house.

But if it wants to bring awareness back home, it must relax itself and feel free from all the acts and tactics. It must free itself from the performance and implementation of the tactics. When it gives of everything and vacates itself completely, it gets free, it gets open.

It often does not happen because when the mind gets free from everything, it starts dying, which is why it always keeps itself busy in serving. But when it finally dies, when it leaves everything on its own, when it vacates itself, the very moment of death, the real owner (consciousness) of the house returns to its home.


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