Fear wants to reside in your mind


When you feel fear of something, your body automatically starts shrinking and the strongest muscle of your body (your tongue) starts shaking. You get upset and you do not find any way out to peace. Sometimes you try to run away from the scene and sometimes you try to tell your situation to others.

Running away from your fears allows your fears to run along with you and stay with you wherever you go. Telling others about your fears allows others to listen to your fearsome stories and find you helpless. It might possible that people will help you in finding any solution but it is not the case most of the times.

When fear resides in your mind, your body forgets to perform well. To accommodate yourself in the circle you live in, you start finding excuses of not being able to perform things properly. Eventually, people sense your fear and they leave you in whatever state you are.

You must believe in yourself and you must face your fears with a strong eye contact. When you look at your fears straight in the eyes for a little more than normal, it turns away and tries to find someone else to be afraid.

Fear is not good but it is always there around you. The more you face it bravely, the more it gets away.


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