Enlightenment: the depth of a human heart


We have got control over physical force but we are not aware of the depths of the human heart. We could not get acquainted with  the ability to know about the poison and the nectar within the human heart. We have discovered the atomic structure but have failed to study the structure of a spirit.

Unfortunately, our bad luck is that we have got control over strength and power but we are far away from the real comfort and enlightenment.

As the human race advanced from the previously rejected patterns of living; we discovered and invented so much to please and to live a better and healthy lifestyle.

We changed the world into industrialization and we got plenty of benefits out of it. Still we are going towards further advancement of industrialization to improve our lifestyle. The deeper we are diving in the more innovative we are becoming, and eventually the whole world is getting benefited.

Apart from the industrialization, innovations, and inventions, we have studied a lot about human behaviors as well and the study of human nature helps people to be more innovative just to be more powerful in means of good living. But we are still unaware of the fact that is hidden within a human heart, even the MRI scan cannot tell us the depths of a human heart and spirit.

There is so much to be done in order to figure out the true nature of a spirit and we should think over it as the time is running out.


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