Disengagement with the pleasures

We think that we know much about life and what is going around. Every day, we learn something new and every day we experience a birth of a new wish and a new kind of pleasure within our self. Target setting or goal setting is good in one way and it could be harmful the other way. Pleasures are those which we get after succeeding something that we started some time back and the process of the struggle keeps us engaged in learning and playing in the field until we put the ball in the goal pole.

During the process of this engagement we get no pleasure, no matter what. People who keep their goals refreshed after achieving them experience a continuous struggle throughout the process and they rarely get pleasure out of that struggle or the process. Actually, they do not know the real thing hidden around them.

We cannot understand the real thing until we abandon our self from all the pleasure of the world. Only disengagement with all the pleasures and the goal setting can lead someone to experience the real thing in his life.


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