Sign board

I, you, and all the human beings of this universe have them called by some signs. Some say them as a doctor, some say psychologist, some say intelligent, some say scientist, some say politician, the list goes on. We all liked to be called by some prestigious and renowned sign by which we could get honor and popularity in this world.

We work hard for it and we set targets to be the one but we somehow forget our real self. We all do not know about our real self because we never tried to look inside, we never tried to listen to the inner voice. In love of achieving the position in the society and to get the sign board, we forget all those things in our life which are meaningful and which can build our relationship with our Creator.

Our Creator knows all about this and He gives us the indications time to time from which we should understand the reality of our existence but we keep us busy in achieving our worldly goals, to reach the top, getting the sign board, whereas our real self is hidden somewhere deep down.


2 thoughts on “Sign board

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