Your power is in your speech

Speech has its importance. In fact, only speech is important. There are words in which all the power of good and evil hidden. Your words can be used as life-saving ammunition as well as Kalashnikov bullets to kill someone. It is not that your words like Kalashnikov bullets can hurt others only, they do hurt you at the same time. Your speech requires great care.

Similarly, your laughter has meanings hidden in them. Frequent and loud laughter is the characteristic of ill manners. It is highly likely that you won’t be liked much if you laugh out loud more often. Whereas modest and complimentary laugh can bring you closer to those who you laugh with.

Where speech has its importance in daily life, it has its importance in corporations, businesses and politics as well. What do you think the reason behind the CEOs of big corporations who seem to control the whole corporation and the politicians who grab the ministerial positions and rule over their tenure?! No matter there are various reasons behind their success but one of the top most is that they know how to use their power of speech.


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