Keep your dreams alive

Sometimes it is so difficult to keep your dreams alive. You think that you are passing the right path and your inner self tells you that you are not. It is just opposite of that someone who truly loves you gets angry at you for whatever reasons but never leaves you. But in this case, you feel like losing all the time except keeping up the right thing.

What you are is God’s gift to you and you try harder to give Him back a gift by becoming what He wants. You chose paths which could lead you to your destination through which you observe and build your dreams and pray for all of them to come true. Sometimes they come true and sometimes you find it difficult to keep them even alive.

There are hurdles that come across for which you need guidance. It is a substitute of the voice of a leader and you need to be very careful in choosing one for which you should not be sorry later.

In any endeavor of your life, you need to believe in yourself and have faith in God. Without belief and faith, there will be no successful outcome.


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