The more you perform, the more opportunity you’ll get

We want to know what we see and we want to know more after getting a particular knowledge. Gaining knowledge is important to us and it is same as if we go to a garden full of flowers and we begin smelling the fragrance of a flower. After smelling every flower, we move to the next, no matter if it is similar to the first one but we try to smell that one too.

This act does not completely come from our mind. In fact, most of this act resides in our muscles and it travels all the way with us. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we want to know something, and we want to know more.

The more you perform, the more opportunity you’ll get.

What is the meaning of this phrase? How does it attract opportunity?

Knowledge that resides only in mind rests inside and it comes to an end at some point. Knowledge that resides in the muscles and travels throughout doesn’t come to an end and it builds a momentum.

The continuity of gaining knowledge is all that we are interested in and we strengthen our muscles by gaining more and more, by knowing more and more. No matter whether it is meaningful or not!

Life is something that we all experience and we all make our own definitions but no one can ever tell what life actually is. This fact enforces us all to find some ways out to know about it and that is all we do in our own ways.


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