Somebody once asked me

Somebody once asked me about solving the puzzle of relationship between man and man. As we all are aware of the fact that being human beings we all are imperfect and we will remain the same till the end of all times. Then why we question about perfection, why we want to see it and why we want to be it?

To me, it is a state of awareness for a single moment which vanishes with a blink of an eye and then we struggle to experience it again and for longer period. We are crowded with plenty of people and most of them are those who are not really concerned about us. They only say what they feel at the moment and then they leave the conversation in order to say something else to somebody else. It is we who take note of the comments and keep trying to translate it.

We feel happy when we are completely aware that what we are listening to is only an illusion of our experiencing state and we will come out of it as soon as it is over. We know at that time that everything would collapse into the natural rhythm of life once the conversation is over.

We reach this stage after experiencing it all over and over again with or without getting the answers. At this stage, we do not know what we are looking at. If we recognize what we are looking at, we are there again experiencing the same.

Awareness comes by the time in different modes of communication. People teach people what is right and what is wrong. Then there are our own definitions that allow us to keep going with our understanding.


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