A product of thought

We want to hear only what we like to and so we make our own vocabulary in our mind. We never hear one word from anyone no matter how intimately we are in relationship with that person.

What we hear is only our own translations which we have saved. All the words that we hear are our own. When we listen to someone, it might feel like a noise to our ears but then that noise transferred to the nerves of our brain where it gets translated and we get what we want to understand.

We are always in a process to translate the noise that touches our ears because we want to understand it in words. It is rare that we leave something to translate otherwise we do it most of the times.

All this translation and understanding is a thought process. As human, we think a lot. Whenever we are with someone, we speak ourselves out and listen to the other person’s noise. Whenever we are alone, we think of incidents and try to translate them our own way in our own words. It is all a product of thought.

If we do not indulge ourselves in producing noise translations and understandings, we will become only isolated points of contact.


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