Changing perception in world’s eye

It is strange but true. Sometimes when we search for the truth that we could not find within our self, is basically something that we already know.

A common purpose of humans in their life is to gain respect in the world for which people do a lot of different things. When we struggle to gain respect, we think that we are not worthwhile and we have to do something to change this perception in world’s eye.

In reality, we disrespect our self by believing that we are not worthwhile. We try hard to change our image and one day, sooner or later, we succeed. We build something that completely belongs to us. It may be our knowledge, our business, our possessions, or may be some other things.

What we do not realize before starting the struggle that we are already worthwhile and we have everything that is respectable. By not believing that, we put our self in to misery and stress and sometimes we forget to enjoy life’s small day-to-day ventures, which is important for every human being to adore and appreciate.

People who know and who believe that they are worthy enough and they are respectable being, are those who live their life happily with less stress and more contentment.

It is to be always believed that we are precious and have every right to be happy every moment of our life. No matter what our possessions are, smaller or bigger. It really does not matter.


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