Beauty of life waits to please us

The pupil in our eye allows light to enter the retina. We can observe the pupil’s contraction and widening. It is due to the view that we see. When we see something close to our eye, the pupil widens or expands and when we see something far away from our eye, the pupil contracts or shrinks.

This is the same case with cameras too, which we use too often now to take photos. Camera lens works the same way.

Science has proven various functions of human body’s organs and it has also proved that the pupil in the eye unconsciously widens when the eye sees something pleasant. No matter it is close to or far from the eye.

An average man often misinterprets what he sees with his eyes. While going on the road in daylight, the eye sees water far from it, but when it gets close to it, the eye finds no water on the road. Same is the case in desert. It is all about light reflections and the reflexes of the eye or the pupil.

For every situation, there must be two elements to the eye, the delivery of the message and the reception of the message. Apart from the fact, the good thing is that we can get a pleasant feeling just by looking around. We have eyes, we can stare our self, we can gaze everything around and can have plenty of pleasantness.

We must not get stuck with an unpleasant situation for long as there is so much more around us to please us. We should be thankful for what we have and should move on to the beauty of life as it waits to please us in many ways.


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