Keep yourself committed to excellence

It is easy to get drawn into useless conflicts. Yet we can always choose a more positive and productive path. It is easy to take offense and then seek to give it back in equal or higher measure. However we can find much better things to do with our time and energy.

When we are surrounded by dishonesty, it is easy to go with the flow instead of living with honesty and a commitment to excellence. We can analyze others in disturbing situations and keep our way separate from them. There is no way we go along with those who drag us down to dishonesty.

When we encounter rudeness, there is nothing to be gained by being rude in return. When we stumble upon rudeness, all those around us notice that and expect to notice the same from us in return. They may appreciate the entertainment that we would have provided them by doing so. If we do this then we should ask our self in the end, what did we get out of it. The answer will be “nothing”. We only entertain others with such reactions. In contrast to that, if we silently face the rudeness and keep our self polite and respectful, we might not get noticed by others but we will notice our own self and the inner strength that we have, and that is of great value.

Keep yourself committed to excellence, truth and sincerity, no matter what others may do or say. Live your life by positive intentions and try to find a way to rise above the conflict before it begins.


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