One must try and fail

Fear of facing hardships makes us weaker. Whereas we want to be strong and secure. We should never be afraid of the obstacles for they come our way to teach us big lessons and to build our path more secure but it only happens when we overcome them.

Most people get disappointed and dishearted because they think that they are not capable to overcome them. They are afraid of losing something before they begin the battle. Fear of losing before the beginning is a failure without trial. One must try and fail.

People who think that things are easy are those who have overcome the fear of failure. They are those who did not give up when there was a time of trial. They faught with the situation, they crossed the obstacles, they made all the difficulties easy for them by facing and struggling with them.


5 thoughts on “One must try and fail

  1. Sandra_B says:

    I always find it interesting when people find challenges to be a thing to be feared. They are opportunities to succeed, things to overcome on the way to achieving goals. I believe people who get roadblocked by these obstacles may not have been too interested in achieving their goals in the first place and use them as an excuse not to proceed.

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      One should never loose hope. If one fails, he should continue the journey with failures, and should learn how to deal with them the next time. Facing troubles and overcoming obstacles more often is something that makes one’s journey more interesting.

      Thank you Sandra for stopping by and for reading my blog! Much appreciated!

      • Sandra_B says:

        You’re very welcome.

        Agreed. Failures, obstacles and everything else are just things that are part of a journey and a learning process. We can’t grow as people if we shy away from these things and we will always remain stuck. Some will learn to push through, some may never.

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