Progress a little in many areas

Everything can be done in one way or the other. We do several things that we love to do and sometimes we do things again because we did not like the way we did last time. This leads us to do it better than before and by doing that we reach excellence.

People who try doing things in order to achieve perfection do not realize that why do they need to things again and again. They just want them to be perfect which often comes out with unhealthy results.

When people try to improve doing things in order to get them better and in order to feel better; they actually strive for excellence, not perfection. Striving for excellence is a winning edge because it is progressive.

We should do things better everyday but not in a way that we repeat thing everyday just to make them perfect. In fact, we can learn things in a better way keeping in mind those which we have already done. This way, we feel movement towards excellence and progress.

We do not need to largely improve in one area. It would be much better and a lot easier if we improve a little in many different areas.


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