Success might mean wealth


Success might mean wealth. To others, it is recognition, good health, good family, happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Some people talk too much and they feel satisfied being completely spoken. If it is for the good of others, it is definitely a noble act but if they speak much only to feel fulfilled then it is by no mean a good thing.

Speakers, who work hard for their speeches before they deliver, often target others to learn something meaningful from their speech.

Speakers who speak randomly on a mix of subjects are those who actually do not think of giving something of to others. So their speech is useless, it does not progress to any worthy goal.

As we know life is a journey, so it has to be progressive otherwise we will lose our path and shall not reach to our destinations. Reaching destinations does not mean that it is the end of life or end of journey. After reaching one goal, we on to the next and the next and it continues.

When we reach one of our goals, we realize the worth and the purpose of life so we continue our journey having this experience. Having this experience of success lets us feel fulfilling.

Success has its worth because it has a lot of work done. After being successful, we feel worthy of having more done in life for us, for other people and for the generations to come. Success without fulfillment is empty.

Success helps us setting more goals. Setting goals in life is very important. It gives us a sense of direction.

On the way to success; it is not compulsory to be accepted by everyone. We might get objected by some along with those who accept. In fact, we shall want to be accepted by some out of our choice. It is better to be criticized by some. It will strengthen our direction towards our goals.

Sometimes our own ego is the one obstacle along the way to success. We have to fight with our ego to reach our destination and it is good for us to learn how to fight and how to overcome our own ego.

Our ego creates division in our mind and it distracts us from the way to success. When ego hits our mind, we feel insecure and we start fighting for our security which is not a positive trait of a successful man. Our nose gets longer due to ego and we start thinking that we are better than others.

Thinking about our self as better than others is somewhat acceptable if we give of our self to others in ways that are beneficial for others. But if we think that we are superior from others, we will fail to serve the purpose of our life.


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