Unless we get involved

The best way to spend our time and energy is in creating something meaningful. We often get free time and we think about different activities such as gaming, movies, etc. Sometimes we find it difficult to spend quality time.

Just because we find it difficult; we should not avoid it. Just because it’s challenging, doesn’t mean it’s undesirable.

What we need to do is to manage our time properly. This is the most important thing in accomplishing anything meaningful.

Life is difficult indeed but we should not make it even more so by resisting the difficulties. We only find thing difficult unless we get started, unless we get involved in them.


6 thoughts on “Unless we get involved

  1. One > Human says:

    You are exactly right. So often wen choose to be mindless parasites feeding off of culture. We consume so much media, but rarely do anything substantial as a result.
    When we do decide to act, we have three options:
    Constructively Criticize – Fearlessly speak on personal convictions
    Creatively Contribute – Give back original art
    Cautiously Conform – Apply the truth we’ve learned to our lives

    Thanks, Moazzam!

  2. hdavidson21 says:

    Completely agree.

    As my dad would say: “Keep reading, and keep writing, but most importantly, keep doing.”

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