Pay for the service charges as well as for the food

Some people never behave ethically. They think they are taking the easy way. In reality, it is the tougher way. The consequences of not following ethical behavior are the same as not following legal behavior.

When we cheat the people around us, most of all we are cheating ourselves.

We start learning ethics right after birth and all through our lives. What is the purpose of our life if we do not learn to behave ethically to other people?

Some people have an excuse of pressure to perform which is why they forget to behave properly. Pressure to perform does not justify unethical acts.

Ethics or lack of it is evident in every profession and every walk of life. We can find several living examples if we want to, but no need to go in to it. What we need to do is to be true to our self and to the world. It is somehow difficult and expensive too at the same time but this is the only right path to walk through.

When we go to a restaurant to dine in, we must keep this in mind that we will have to pay for the service charges as well as for the food.


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