Laughter increases alertness

Laughter creates happiness. It helps people cope with grief, aids creativity, and eliminates boundaries. It makes hard things easier.

When we share our joy, our joys multiply.

When we share our sorrow, our sorrows diminish.

There are people in the world who are covered with a lot of mess in their life and they do not really understand what is going on around. In that situation, they try hard to find the true faces of life but they get confused. They forget to laugh because they do not really find any purpose. The noisy world makes them this way.

Everything that goes around us needs some laughter to ease the stress of the outer world. Laughter is the most important intake of our life. It is the best medicine. When we laugh, our brain releases powerful chemicals called endorphins.

Endorphins ease pain,
it increases alertness,
and it brings us the feeling of joy.

As we grow old; our involvement in the worldly matters deepens and we worry about a lot of things. There are so many things that catch our attention in terms of living in a proper manner but the fact is that the more we look at things, the more we get involved and confused. Eventually, we forget the joys of being alive.


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