The world is demanding the utmost perfection

The deeper we go in to the problems, the more we get stressed and the longer it takes to get back to normal life.

People of old times used to search for the magic in their life which might change their destiny. I believe, people of this era do the same. They also search for the miracles and magic for something happen in their lives.

It is really hard to witness that there are a lot of those who have been overturned in their life. Some of them are not even want to look back or go forward, they just live the way it is, while others want to see the change to happen in their life.

The world is getting competitively legal every day and it is becoming more difficult place to live for human beings. Yes, we are putting up all this and we are the victims as well. Wonder, where this lead be ended. Not everyone is capable to handle such competitiveness.

Human beings make mistakes and we are not perfect anyway and this competitive world is demanding the utmost perfection. And it is causing so much pain, loss, disbelief, and hopelessness.

As old saying, “trust God as everything in His hands only”, I pray to God to have mercy on us and let us lead our journeys with less pain and more hope.


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