Man carries with him the world

People say that grief is the strongest thing that a person could feel.

Well, it is not.

It is forgiveness, because a single act of forgiveness can change everything.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to the people close to us. Forgiving people for past mistakes and hurts is also a way to express love, and forgiveness is a wonderful thing to give.

Everyone is just as imperfect as we are. Keeping hurt and anger in our life is often an excuse to avoid getting close to people for fear they will hurt us again.

I have personally experienced such situation in my life when I kept the hurt in my heart I got from someone. Whenever I saw that person, I started feeling the same pain which that person had caused. It went quite some time but then I realized that now I am mistaken and I need to find something stronger than grief. I did not find any way out without forgiving that person for all that hurt he had caused. I forgave that person.

All the fear that keeps us from loving other people is of no value. In fact, it ruins our own personality. We are bound to express and the most beautiful way to express one’s self is with love.

Sometimes, we want to be with someone because we love that person but we do not take step forward to be with. It is due to the hurt that we keep inside. We should not be afraid of getting along with people. No matter how they behave with us. We must learn to be stronger, to forgive.

Dreamers often learn fast to forgive and live a life of their way. Every man is a dreamer and he carries with him the world in which he must live.


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