The experience teaches a lot

We are free in some angles and we are not free at all in the others. Freedom should be for free for all but we have to pay for our freedom. What kind of freedom is this?!

Before commenting on an issue, we have to look for so many regulations so that we might get easily move on with our comments and actions. This is not freedom.

We, humans need freedom to doubt so that we could develop something out of it. We need freedom to question so that we could continue the adventure of finding out new ways of doing things.

Every one of has problems. Some have similar in nature and some have unique. Most of the times, we try to blame someone else for that just not to feel responsible and avoid the consequences. Fear keeps us caught.

Fear is the enemy of freedom so unless we are afraid of something we are not free. We get plenty of time to solve a problem but fear catches us and tells us that “you cannot do this”.

By not doing it, by not trying to solve our problems, we do not take any step forward, neither right nor wrong and we stand still and stuck with it and eventually lead to misery.

Whereas those who take step forward in solving their problems in whatever way they think fit, after making mistakes, they eventually get to the solutions and for that matter the experience they get teaches them a lot.


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