A significant step forward

We deepen our relationships with others by figuring out the reasons we feel the way we do, and by expressing them in a kind manner. We do not find everyone like listening to us; therefore we do not get close to them. But when we see someone who can, and is willing to listen to us, we must express our feelings towards the way we perceive things.

By getting close to others, we build a great relationship bond between them and us, and it is a significant step forward in our personal growth.

We could not figure out what our feelings are all about, unless we observe them with mindfulness. It is also to understand that what feelings we should express, whom we should express, and at what time we should express them. Every time is not a suitable time.

The main cause of our weak relationships with other people is ‘anger’. Until or unless, we do not take control over this heavy emotion (anger), we do not reach out fully to express ourselves.

We must seek out the ways to reduce our anger in order to heal our relationships. We must be fully aware of our emotions especially anger and the reasons behind this emotion which will help us develop the ability to explain ourselves in a delicate way.


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