Love has joys but sacrifices as well

Love is sometimes difficult because it brings the demand to give through sacrifice. Parents sacrifice many things to care for their children. They always keep a long list to take care of, just because of their children. They do this because they love their children a lot and their love allows them to make sacrifices. Otherwise, they can also live through their life without the taste of giving of their self.

Having children is the perfect example of the joy of giving. When people have children to take care of, they give up pleasures and previously important priorities. It all happens due to love. Love has joys but sacrifices as well.

In a healthy relationship, it is important that we love people for who they are, and not for who we want them to be. We must love unconditionally so that we could touch the joy of giving of our self. We often feel contradictions during our daily life and that is a challenge for us to accept to cope up with. Those contradictions are all temporary if we allow our self to love the person unconditionally and without any qualification.

Love does not need any qualification to be appointed or to be considered. It is a supreme form of giving of oneself and we all must try to take this joy. There is no other joy in this world bigger than giving of our self, which ultimately allows us to be free from fear and many other so called worries.


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