The secret to the biggest gains

Giving does not have to cost us a lot in time or money. Not all of us have enough money to spare and give to others in need but we can give of our time in such case. Not all of us have enough time to spare and spend with those who need it but we can give of our money along with a little time to them.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what we like and let the food fight inside. Similarly, we need to share our success with those around us who are unsuccessful and let the fact dissolve itself between the two. Sharing success is also a part of giving of your possession to others.

The secret to the biggest gains are made by focusing on areas which are uncomfortable but necessary. Giving of our time and money is necessary, not matter what circumstance may be.

One has to be wise to move upwards in this world but if he forgets those who still are standing in a position of looking upwards, then there would be no charm, no happiness, and no joy at all. To enjoy life, we must share and give of our self to others. It surely helps us uplift further.


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