Kindness is a wonderful form of giving


Our actions have implications, usually positive. The recipient of our extra carrots may think, “I can share my surplus with others, too.” Here we are not talking about the carrots that we can eat as a vegetable, but things that we can share with others can be different than just food.

Loneliness is a disorder of one thing or the other. People who have to fight hard for food, work all day long for it and by the end of the day, they have that food for their livelihood. They do not have much time left to socialize or to talk about things with their parents, siblings, or friends. They have to do this every other day and they fall into isolation. They are humans just like others. Every human being has a right to have friends and enjoy life with them.

Being humble and kind, we should look into their lives and try to give them not only advice but a hand to hold so that they can feel the warmth of having a friend, so that they can know that they are not alone in this world, there are people around who respect them as well.

We should lend them an ear so that they can tell us their stories, their feelings towards life and its treatment. Of course, their life is different from others so that they also have things to say but what misses in their life is the one who can listen to them.

We should laugh out loud with them so that they could sense the happiness from within. People are really hungry for laughter. People enjoy people’s company in which they can talk freely and laugh out loud at each other without being harassed and it can only happen when we give out our heart to them.

Be kind in your acts to others and let others have enjoyed your company more and more. You will never get bored of being one of the kinds and people will never leave you alone for any reason. When you give of yourself, you get so much in return.


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