Needy and greedy

There is always enough for the needy but never enough for the greedy. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Well, we all should experience giving of our self, our money, our time, our possessions, etc. to others. It is a matter of happiness which we exchange by giving and receiving. If we are wealthy but unable to share our wealth or give of our possessions and knowledge, we are not really rich.

If we are not wealthy but give of our self, our time, and our knowledge, we are indeed rich and we receive far more than we have had imagined before.

There are people in this world who keep themselves close to those who have nothing much to share with the world but are willing to do it right on the spot. By keeping themselves close to those, they keep their ego adjusted and they give of their self to the moment to cherish it. No matter who is rich and who is poor. It is just in the moments of giving of that they experience and enjoy.

There are people in this world who keep themselves far from those who have nothing much to share with the world. They get close to only those who can give them something because they are already wealthy. “Money attracts money.” These people never think of the taste of giving of their self, or of their possessions, because they are afraid of losing it. They do not really enjoy life anywhere.

How can one be happy when he is afraid of losing what he possesses or when he constantly thinks about multiplying his wealth?! He might be able to multiply his wealth but what would he do with that money. How much one can spend in this life on oneself?

It is always better to share what we have. Money, time, knowledge, possessions and power. Giving always fetches more wealth. Despite being rich not sharing what we have with others renders us to poverty by all means.


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