We feel happy and free from within

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, try making someone else happy and you will see the difference. If you are feeling empty and unfulfilled, try doing some meaningful and worthwhile work and you will see the significant change of feeling within yourself.

We must understand that our happiness is connected with others and the more we serve others in one way or the other, the more we feel happy.

There is a hidden truth lying in serving others. As we all look for, or even fight for our freedom of right, our freedom of express, it is parallel equal to the happiness that we crave from within. When we make someone happy, we feel happy from within. We feel free from within.

Happiness is hidden in passion so is freedom. If we are not passionate, it is hard to produce good work. If we are not passionate, we will merely reach the point of happiness that is our inner requirement. Less passionate people lose energy sooner than passionate people and so they enjoy the contrast in the results.

We can further elaborate it by a small example. People in a day job usually finish their work by 5 or 6pm in the evening and go back to their homes or to other places to enjoy. What will happen if we ask someone to do a little favor by assigning him more work after 5 or 6pm? He maybe rejects taking that additional work or he maybe takes that additional work. If he accepts that additional work, what performance should we expect from him? Of course, he will not do that additional work with the energy and passion that he had throughout the day.

This is how people react in different situations, being passionate or being fully consumed. So it is always best to do whatever you want to do, only with passion so that the positive and healthy results can be produced otherwise leave the matter for some other day.

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