It is worthy to give of yourself to the world

Population and materialism has made the resources scarce and demanding, and competition forces even the handicapped to fight for results.

Keeping this fact in view, people whose life is not as tough as a common man in terms of earning money and living a reasonable life, should give of their self to those in need.

Man gets true happiness by giving from his own hands. When a man gives of himself, he gets benefited by these awesome returns:

• It reduces man’s fears.
• It reduces self-centeredness.
• It increases life expectancy.
• It enhances immune system.
• It strengthens the heart.
• It reduces stress.

Giving is an intangible force of love with which one can heal the other. Most people use only a tiny portion of their potential, and many never find their true gift or calling in life.

People do not find their true gift of calling in life because they do not find a worthwhile cause to support, to give. Things change when we give of our self to meaningful causes but we rarely find any worthy cause. Finding a meaningful cause depends on our will within.

By giving of our self to a meaningful cause, we discover new feelings of self-worth as well. All in all, it is worthy to give of yourself to the world, to the meaningful cause.


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