Giving has its benefits

When we give out something to those who are needy, we in return get benefited in a variety of ways. One who gives expecting to receive benefits in return, never gets anything but people who give to help others, get benefits automatically in return of their kind acts.

The benefits that people get by their kind acts are that they gain people’s belief and they make new relationships. Their selfless acts of giving bring them closer to the people in need. People tell them their heart-felt stories about how they survive in such difficult conditions. This interaction teaches us how life could treat us instead.

They gain happiness having felt that they have touch people’s hearts and they achieve a sense of empowerment. But it all depends on their attitude that they bring to their giving and shall reflect the benefits they gain.

People who give their money or time expecting some returns on investment does not get anything back. In fact, they defeat the purpose of their giving, themselves.

We can only expect one benefit while giving out something and that is “emotional reward”. Other than emotional reward, we should not expect anything in return.

Poor people have many problems. One of them is the lack of bonding which is a cause of living a low life. Like all others, they also like to interact with other humans but they do not get quality time because of labor hours and other tough conditions as we can see all across.

When we get closer to them and offer them our help in cash or in kind, they feel blessed and they cherish that time with us and that is the moment of our reward to see happiness on their faces. Though we cannot make everyone happy but we can try to build a group of similar people who can go different places and do the same kind act accordingly.

Best is to look into our nearby community, we will find such needy people who will accept our help. It would be easier for us to have a stimulated interaction with those who are in need. It is always better to reach out such people physically so that they could interact with us and we can get a real feeling of giving and achieving.


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