5 hints to be a professional writer


Writing is a tough job if it is a job or if we write only to earn money. Writers who try to earn something out of their writing always face problems fulfilling their desire because most of the writers do not get paid well anywhere in the world. Whereas one who loves writing about what he thinks most suitable to his mind and expertise, does not care whether he will get paid for that or not and eventually produces considerable content.

In the business of writing, one must develop a few traits:

1. Do not expect that you will catch the audience eye just like that by writing a few pieces. It will take time so be patient.

2. Always remember that everyone who reads your stuff will not like it and you should be ready to accept this fact. Do not get leashed by it. Keep writing.

3. Do not let your work only on paper. Set up a blog and put it online. It will help connecting you to four billion people who frequently use the internet across the globe.

4. Try to connect with people at a personal level because people do not like to walk parallel with fake personalities. They like real people to connect with.

5. Try to build a platform through your writing which could fill an empty pot in people’s life. This way they would always appreciate your work and would like to keep their connection.

Remember, there are things, talents, skills, that are God given and there are things that we develop with our interests by the time. When you reach a point to show off what you have got, do not hesitate.


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